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The DVRPTR V1 North American, is continuously evolving and information about new developments, options, features and pricing will be listed on this page. Please bookmark this page and don't hesitate to contact us for details.

Board, assembled and tested :: $100.00 USD
Board + Case :: $120.00 USD

2014 Spring Update

Image 03
  • Interesting projects that we'll share with you soon
  • The AMBE2020 modules will be available in about 3 weeks. Stay tuned!
  • We have changed the machined ends (the new connectors are a slightly different height)
  • The end plate swap project has been eliminated and the new prices are as follows:
    AMBE2020 Module: 105.00 USD
    Machined End: 24.50 USD
  • We are currently out of DVRPTR_V1 boards but will have them available in about two weeks
  • DVRPTR_V1 boards are back in stock!
  • Due to the length of time it has taken me to get the AMBE2020 into production I ask those people that have expressed interest to please let me know again off list that they want one. Sorry about that it’s just a lot cleaner to do it this way for all involved.
  • Stay tuned we will be releasing more information on the impending arrival of the Carmabola-2 board very soon.

Thanks to everybody for the great support with this project and if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me off list 
Bruce, VE2GZI

January 2014 .:. Update

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Things have been busy with our increases in production numbers and I thought that we should be fine over the holiday break but I was wrong … We were cleaned out in less than two weeks.

As we are moving to a new CM who will offer quicker turnaround time and more flexibility. We are hoping that we will be able to have boards on the shelf all year around. On that note, we are expecting to have boards back in stock in late February. We apologize to those of you who expected their boards this January. If you wish to cancel your order, we understand.

Our plans for 2014 include the development of new add-on boards. A couple of hints for you: "Carambola-2", "AMBE3000" and also "AMBE2020". More details on these projects soon.

Our dynamic Yahoo! Group, our DVRPTR boards and an increased interest in D-STAR and other similar digital voice technologies, put us in the January 2014 QST magazine. The article has thrown the spotlight on couple of things that we've been thinking about for a while: the documentation and also the lack of a complete beginners guide. If anybody wants to help us put together a guide based on their favorite software, please contact Bruce VE2GZI via e-mail.

We value your input and your dedication and with so many projects lined up for 2014 and so little time, we'd like to encourage software developers to assist us in our endeavors. We have a developers program that will provide hardware for little or no cost to those of you interesting in software development for the original DVRPTR_V1 platform and the add-on modules. Our only request is that the software is and will always be open source.

If you're interested in one of our boards, please let us now and we'll add your name to the list. As you know our list for the boards is FIFO (First In First Out).

We'd like to thank you for the your continued support.

November 2013 .:. Update

Image 03

Once again, thank you all for your patience!

Good news: all backlog orders have been shipped as of today.

The DVRPTR_V1 boards are back in stock, lined up nicely on the shelf and anxiously waiting to be put on the air.

Regarding the AMBE2020, the project is moving forward and more news on the availability should be available shortly.

Thank you for your great support!

July 2013 .:. Update

Image 03

Support for this project has been and is continuing to be tremendous! Thank you all!

Unfortunately, we will not have any units in stock until late August, due to the summer shutdown of our contract manufacturer.

We have established a waiting list for the late August production, a FIFO system, so if you are thinking of ordering let us know and we'll get you on the list for delivery in early September.

Due to some unfortunate situations, we are changing a bit the way that we take orders: if you are ordering multiple units and we have not dealt with you before, we will not ship until the Paypal transaction(s) has cleared.

We will be announcing the AMBE2020 for shipment in the coming weeks. It has taken a while but we wanted to make sure that we had documentation in place and a professionally machined case to offer as an option.

Unfortunately, machining is not free so there will be a charge for the case. The good news is that we are looking into a "swap" program for people that have DVRPTR_V1's and want to add a AMBE card with a professionally cut end. We'll figure something out ...

The new AMBE2020 will work with V1.69 firmware but some of the cool new features will not be available till we release V1.70 of the firmware.

Once again we'd like to thank you all for the great support of this project!
Stay tuned as there is some really cool stuff coming down the pipe ...

March 2013 .:. Update

The first boards came from the CM with a minor issue, an inverted LED, but they managed to fix it in a timely manner.All boards tested out great and all of them were shipped out.

The second batch, twice the size of the first batch is now on its way to the CM.We expect to have the boards ready to ship the week of April 19th, 2013.

The "wish list" for the second batch is now open ...

The names of the people that were on the list for the first batch but didn't get the boards were added on top of the reservation list for the second batch.

Thank you for your patience and your support!

We are open for Business!

Image 03

The boards are flying off the shelves, so get the orders in. Don't worry if you miss out the first batch as a second is right behind it. We will be taking orders for the next batch.

The first boards are in production

Image 03

The new DVRPTR V1 boards are assembled in an ISO9000 certified facility in Montreal, Quebec.

Pricing information

Image 02


We know the times are rough and we did everything we could to keep the prices very low without skimping on quality.


Board, assembled and tested [photo] $100.00 USD
Board + Case [photo] $120.00 USD


For the time being, PayPal is the preferred payment method.
Based on your location, the shipping options and the actual costs will be calculated and e-mailed to you.

A PayPal invoice will be send to you and the board(s) will be shipped within 48 hours after your payment.

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A PayPal invoice will be send to you and the board(s) will be shipped within 48 hours after your payment.

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