The DVRPTR_V1 Boards, North American Edition

The DVRPTR_V1 board is a Digital Voice Modem (GMSK) based on a powerful 32-bit AVR microcontroller, designed by Jan Alte DO1FJN.
All DV functions are implemented in software, thus enabling additional functions to be added.
The code is open source and we strongly encourage community developers to get involved.
This edition of the boards will be used for D-STAR but as the development continues other digital modes could be added.

D-STAR hotspot or repeater? Both!

Reliable, low-price solution for building D-STAR hotspots, repeaters and stand-alone repeaters

Using the DVRPTR_V1 board and a computer (PC or Raspberry Pi) you can create a D-STAR hotspot which will give D-STAR users "over the air" access to the network from the comfort of their armchair or around their QTH with a D-STAR compatible handheld.

The DVRPTR_V1 boards are successfully used around the world to build
D-STAR compatible repeaters, more versatile and much cheaper than their ICOM counterparts.

These robust and low-cost boards are a great incentive for many hams to start experimenting with the digital modes.

The DVRPTR_V1 North American boards are assembled, individually tested and shipped worldwide from Montreal, Canada.


More Info

What is D-STAR?

Digital voice and data communication for radio amateurs. Internet connected repeaters form wide area amateur radio networks.

D-STAR (Digital Smart Technologies for Amateur Radio) is a digital voice and data protocol specification developed as the result of research by the Japan Amateur Radio League to investigate digital technologies for amateur radio.

While there are other digital on-air technologies being used by amateurs that have come from other services, D-STAR is one of the first on-air and packet-based standards to be widely deployed and sold by a major radio manufacturer that is designed specifically for amateur service use.

  • D-STAR offers digital voice, slow and high-speed data communications
  • D-STAR is capable of connecting repeater sites using the Internet and forms world-wide radio networks
  • D-STAR audio quality is very similar to that of FM, and definitely has less noise

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